The first two books in Sylvia Branzei’s new icky
history series, ICKSTORY, were unleashed onto
an unsuspecting populace in 2009.
Little monsters will love
The History of Vampires and Other Real Blood
and Unraveling the History of Mummies
Around the World
(Grosset & Dunlap).

animal grossology exhibit

The audio-animatronic
animal grossology exhibit is currently on tour. Check for dates at:

Arachne Greenwebbe

Work on a novel for
young readers in
collaboration with
Briar Lee Mitchell of
Star Mountain Studios
nears completion. The
novel is purported to be
based on the gleefully
macabre work of the
enigmatic authoress
in this photograph.

Arachne Greenwebbe Spider Farm

Current Work

GROSSOLOGY - The Exhibit is winding it's way across America. It might even be in a museum near you. Check out the shedule!

This little witch is the
star of another new
project that is being
polished. There really
is no rest for the
wicked I suppose.

Jack Keely has written his first
storybook since the completion of
The Dinosaur Store and The Outer Space Place (Price Stern Sloan, 2001).
The manuscript is currently
being considered for publication.
Please, cross your fingers.

Jack Keely continues his twelve year collaboration with the ingenious
John Brian Quinn on a variety of print and web projects. The mutli-talented Quinn is resopnsibible for the animation and architecture of JackKeely.com and is now the mastermind responsible for creative direction at Design Solution 360°.

Music lovers desperate for hand-held opera can relax. Plans are being hatched with the wonderful Regina Merwin at Operagraphics for more operatic Floaty pens. Check out Tosca, Carmen, Salome, Madame Butterfly and the rest of Regi's tongue-in-chic collection at Opergraphics.

Jack Keely Floaty Pen