The first book in The Whistlebrass Mysteries series is now available and meeting with some good reviews. I really appreciate the kind responses from our readers. This was my first outing as both author and illustrator and I really enjoyed it. Briar and I are getting book two ready for publication in 2016. It’s called The Whistlebrass Storm Watcher. Beware! April showers bring May monsters.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a a very happy and healthy 2016.

Scarescape Series

Scarescape Series

Creating covers for Jake Bible’s popular Scarescapes series gave me the chance to create vicious spider dogs, sleep walking space zombies, and killer robots.

What more could I ask for?

moose description

Humpty Dumpty's Magazine

I had a lot of fun creating this moose visiting a pal's camp site to illustrate the poem, A Friend From Camp